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Care and Cleaning Deck Instructions

General Cleaning  

Your vinyl deck should be cleaned seasonally and always spot cleaned soon after spills.

You May have to clean your deck More often in those high traffic areas also if there is a lot of fallen debris. A general cleaning of you deck surface consists of some warm soapy (dawn or sunlight dish soap) and a stiff broom. Scrub the deck in a circular motion to loosen off any dirt, then spray the deck clean with a standard garden hose (Do not us a high powered power washer)

Important Notes

Always test an unseen area of vinyl before cleaning stain
All cleaning methods should be followed by a thorough rinse of water
Avoid applying cleaners in direct sunshine
Certain household cleaners, powdered abrasive, steel wool and industrial cleaners can cause damage and discolouration and are not recommended. These products will removed the UV inhibitors thus damaging the sundeck
Please be aware that some products such as suntan lotion and some permanent marker inks contain dyes that can cause permanent staining



For tough stains please consult these cleaning recommendations see next page

Steps                                                             1  2   3 

Mildew or wet leaves                                           D   A    B

Latex Paint                                                            A    B     E

Cedar                                                                     B

Permanent Marker                                             B    C      E

Rust                                                                      F     A

Oil Base Paint (fresh)                                       D     B        E

Oil Base Paint (Dried)                                     D      A        B

Spray Paint                                                      B       E

Tar/Asphalt                                                    D       B        E

Urethane Caulking                                       D        G        A

Motor Oil                                                        B

Grease                                                             D       B       E

House Hold Soil                                             A       B

Coffee, Tea                                                    B

Crayon                                                           D       B

Chewing Gun                                               D       A         B


Diluted soapy water, firm brush / water rinse / Dry
Fantastic spray cleaner or cascade powdered detergent/diluted (only for a few minutes)
One (1) Tablespoon Vinegar to one (1) Quart water/water rise/ dry
Wipe or scrape off excess
Follow instructions of staining agent manufacturer
Apply Naval Jelly /Water rise / Dry
Rub on citrus based hand cleaner wait 3 to 5 minutes / water rise / dry